How does the wallet work?

Thoughtfully crafted out of a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum, the XSTO wallet functions by holding your cards in place with our patent pending spring design.

Aluminum is incredibly durable for how light it is, which allows us to get maximum function out of minimal material.

What is the size of the wallet?

Each XSTO measures 3.75 inches long by 2.3 inches wide (95mm X 58mm). The slimness of the XSTO varies depending on the card size you choose, measurements as follows:

4 Card - 0.58 inches (15mm)

6 Card - 0.64 inches (16mm)

8 Card - 0.72 inches (18mm)

10 Card - 0.81 (21mm)

Is the wallet RFID protected?

The wallet is made of aluminum which is a natural RFID blocker.

How many cards can I fit into my wallet?

You will hear people tell you they can fit an extra 2 cards in the card area and double the cash. This puts added pressure on the cards which will then cause some wear where the top card is pushing against the tray in the wallet. We recommend only filling the wallet to the card capacity of the size you purchased.

My cards won’t stay in place, what do I do?

The wallet itself is made from aluminum which can potentially change over time. But luckily, your issue is an easy fix. Check out our video on how to tune your wallet. Try that and if it doesn't seem to solve the problem, please let us know. We are happy to walk you through that process over the phone as well (818) 952-6671.

Can I use metal cards in the XSTO?

We strongly discourage the use of metal cards within the wallet because of the damage it can inflict upon the aluminum which can severely alter the functionality of the wallet. But if you plan to carry them, we recommend sanding and polishing the edges of the metal card to avoid sawing damages to the aluminum. Metal cards can have incredibly sharp edges even though it is difficult to see with the human eye and touch. By using super fine sandpaper to polish the edges it will help reduce any roughness.

What is our 100% satisfaction guarantee?

We believe that our wallets should last a lifetime, but we know that sometimes things happen. If your wallet isn't performing the way that it originally did, contact us and we will gladly assist you in helping to remedy your XSTO.

How do I return my XSTO?

Please visit the link to complete the return application. Once approved, you will ship back your order from whichever shipping carrier you choose. After it has been received and inspected, we will refund your purchase. Please be patient with us during this process and let us know if you need assistance or an update regarding the status of your return.

Will I have to pay duties on my order?

Depending on your region, yes. As the customer, it is your responsibility to pay the extra fee upon delivery or your order may be held and returned by the shipping service.

This question is relative, as the fees change based on the total price of your order and the country in which you are trying to import into.

Don’t see an answer to your question, give us a call or send us an email. We are a small business, with real people who are more than happy to help you. We believe in a 100% satisfaction guarantee so please let us know how we can help and what we can do for you. We strive to be better every day and your feedback allows us to make improvements where needed. Thank you for your continued support of AKEENi and the XSTO wallet!

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